martedì 21 dicembre 2010

Technical resource for a standard project cycle assestment in scientific research

University Quality Circle Decision Support Teams:
Technical resource for a standard projects cycle assestment

I propose a standard Project&Process management using item-driven network management reaction model introduced in the post regarding the social networks integration. In case of Universities the Quality Assestment Team is the Supervisor user for total quality management and business rules come from the internal peer-review freedback scoreflow until follow-up phase1 of the projects lifecycles.

Description: This diagram shows a timeline overview that places all of the research objectives on a 2-year timeline. Both Knowledge Management Lifecycle and Item Specification start at the beginning of year one and go until the end of year one. Code Development Portal & Repository begins in year one and goes for the entire time period, to the end of year two. Both Financial Web Services Development and Vendor/Insitutional Recommendation start begins half-way through year one and ends half-way through year two. Follow-up Phase 1 begins half-way through year two and ends at the end of year two. Both Evaluation and Dissemination run the length of the two-year timeline.

Valter Conti

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