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ALBERTO B. Mariantonia
... Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt? For now, I'm sure not. Tomorrow, however, are largely not attempt to exclude it at all!
But let's see why ...
A mass of brain specialists say, is scientifically proven that our brain - compared with a visible, tangible, alluring and luscious steaming plate of pasta, seasoned with plenty of tomatoes, fragrant basil and parmesan, or, prompted by a detailed, flattering andinviting symbolic or metaphorical description of the same meal - usually tend to react the same way. To the point that clinical scanned, it is even possible to identify and observe the intricacies of the gray matter - after inoculation, blood in the circuit, a special dye and harmless - the electric light-responsive neurons of equivalent reference.

This would mean that the human being, because of its natural and inevitable physiological limits, was not able, within his psyche, to be able to focus immediately, to identify and distinguish the "say" from "doing", the 'being' from the 'look', the actual "reality" by any "representation illustrative or narrative."
It is not inconceivable, therefore, that the current leaders of the various states and Western governments - closely assisted and supported in their unseemly role of the perfect butler in the service of occult powers, the majority of print media and audio-visual - it is fully aware of this particular human, are taking advantage of the unique mechanisms that peculiar specificity. And this, is to continue with impunity to promise what they are not ever be able to maintain, to manipulate or were told the ad hoc consciences of the people, is to perpetuate indefinitely and in behalf of international finance, the worst regimes that history has ever known: that, to be clear, liberal-capitalist-globalist. A system, the latter apparently political and essentially illegitimate usurper and that tends to spell out publicly and formally self-represented in the eyes of its directors, through a cunning and deceptive institutional model that we can certainly define a 'formal democracy', 'illusory', 'nominal', 'totalitarian' and 'despotic'.
Formal, since its citizens / subjects - if you exclude the ephemeral gesture that has given them power to go, from time to time, to vote for either of the "cunning" of the different factions in the field - are systematically excluded or marginalized from public life of their countries and studiously kept in ignorance of the real problems that afflict society.
Illusory, because the "model" institution in question - in complete and flagrant contradiction in terms with reality - claims that those who are not capable of governing or self-government, can fully evaluate and elect those who are destined to govern.
Nominal, because the system in question has simply preferred to replace - the meaning and substance to the sense of the word democracy (the government of the people, by the people, for the people ", as defined by Demosthenes) - the emptiness el 'inconsistency of the formal minutes of simple declamation and one "word". Trying to remedy that void substantial, with another set of abstract words in consonance compliant and polite, like "freedom" and "equality", the "brotherhood", the "solidarity" and "justice", the Rule of Law "," human rights "," humanitarianism "," tolerance ", the" moderation ", the" participation ", etc..
Totalitarian as those who, inside or outside of the model of "Democracy" does not agree to recognize the unquestionable legitimacy of its institutions, is immediately regarded as the 'personification of evil' and 'absolute enemy' society , and consequently, who will not submit to the 'gauntlet' of its subjective and arbitrary criteria for assessing and judging or of its normal election rules (which, of course, are shaped specifically to allow the perpetuation of that system invariable) is automatically and politically 'offside'.
Despotic, because the system in question - after you take an interest studiously concealed and made me forget the majority of citizens / subjects of the ancient and still valid concepts isonomia (equality of citizens against the law), Isotimia (the equal rightthat citizens had access to any function of the State) and Isegoria (freedom of expression enjoyed by all citizens) - does not hesitate at all to criminalize and bully those who disagree with his daily practice, and to promote and give priority to those who brazenly accepted unconditionally on the side of his 'official truth'. To the extent that the latter - to paraphrase George Orwell - "are always more equal than others."
Result: the liberal-capitalist system that seeks globalist-even "export", by force of arms, in his third Nations "model" institutional - thanks to television and the meticulous and effective sounding board that is offered daily from the rest mainstream media - has managed to impose volens nolens, a true 'single thought' (in the sense of vision alone, permitted or authorized, man, society and the world at the expense of all others) and alanguage 'politically correct' (in the sense of what you can or can not be said, state or public support, otherwise the ban, isolation, legal and administrative sanctions, civil death and the notch offender) to almost all countries around the world.
The same system also - from the height of his claim, never proved 'moral superiority' (which is nothing, in short, a vulgar and dishonest "moral" partisan in the sense of only "moral" allowed, permitted and authorized that is applied even to the detriment and prejudice of any form of authentic and harmonious' moral corporate 'and / or' policy ') - is also able to establish and to enforce in its own advantage, a concept of justice to' variable geometry ', valid for all occasions and situations, which will retain the right at the same time, subjective and arbitrary power play constantly and with impunity, on each "table" and in any kind of conflict, the comfortable and perverse role of' easy part cause ', for' fair trial ', of' exculpatory moral 'and' executioner 'service.
As the abused and constantly mocked player of our time will undoubtedly have guessed, if I allowed him this long and detailed introduction, it was simply potergli directly provide a series of 'interpretations' that, in life of all days, can certainly help to discern and to measure the degree of manipulation to which he, unfortunately, is constantly subjected, every day, from that system.
The most striking and instructive, we find him in the recent news of international developments: ie in the two so-called "revolutions" that took place, and in recent weeks on television, both in Tunisia and Egypt.
Now, in Tunisia and Egypt, there have been overt and bloody riots in some of those people against their regimes (that of President Ben Ali and that of President Mubarak) that, for decades (21 years and the first 30 years the second), were openly and scandalously backed and supported by most countries of the Western Block (USA-EU-Israel), I do not think, can generate any questioning.
Inside, however, of such countries, there have been, for the moment, the real and tangible popular revolutions that have paved the way for the next establishment of a true democracy (otherwise, then, from that earlier I took the liberty to examine and expose), the reader will pardon me, but - knowing closely the nature and inner workings of those countries and being aware of the obscene and shameful interests constantly pushing almost all Western countries to shore up and strengthen the kind of schemes - continued stubbornly to have my doubts more reasoned and documented!
In Tunisia, in fact, apart from the official theatrical and elimination of the "fuse" Ben Ali, I do not think anything has changed ...
On the contrary, the scheme originally established by President Burguiba back in 1956-1957 and thereafter maintained and improved by President Ben Ali, unabashedly continues to remain firmly on its structures ever (policy frameworks and government intelligence agencies, police and army) and to hold, until evidence to the contrary - although with the public and verbal promise to the people, and future of "free" elections ... - all the powers of the state.
The same is true of Egypt, where - after the official elimination of the "fuse" Mubarak and the formal promise to the insurgents in al-Tahrir Square, and future of "free" elections ... - everything remains as before. If not worse than before ... with the usual political and managerial staff, the usual army, the usual Secret Service and the usual police - as well as having previously taken care to dissolve the old parliament and suspended for six months, the application of constitutional guarantees - seraphically continue to control, with the usual political and diplomatic approval of the West, almost all the nerve centers (military, political, economic, cultural, administrative, legal and civil rights) of the country.
Yet, thanks to the emphatic, focused and misleading manipulations made by almost all of the media embedded in the world, everything looks really changed.
As if by magic, in fact, the Tunisian and Egyptian regime is suddenly seen as "liberal," "tolerant", "open to dialogue", "ready to make any concession." And the same countries (the United States and the European Union in the head!) That until recently they had endorsed and strengthened (with blows of billions of dollars or euro ...) the existence, and supported and encouraged, by their official or unofficial satisfaction, the most repulsive and generalized repressive practices, tend today to wave to and blatantly to compete with each other in the eyes of the world and live on television to declare that "always" ... advocates and promoters of the "new" course policy in those states. All this, of course, in the name of the usual and magical word, "democracy", abundantly filled, as usual, with the usual beautiful and enticing other words outline we know: "freedom, equality, brotherhood, "solidarity" and "justice", "rule of law", "Human Rights", "humanitarianism," "tolerance," "moderation," "participation", etc..
The "people" bull, unfortunately, once again, and it is sad to have to realize - probably having forgotten or never knew the wise and prescient reflections of Étienne de La Boétie (1530-1563), in his 'Discours sur la servitude volontaire' - was made again and naively convince the regulars and hired "snake oil salesmen" of some international press that the ferocious and rapacious tyrants of their countries were only two: Ben Ali (Tunisia) and Mubarak (Egypt), assisted in the most by any of their close relative, friend or acquaintance ... And, once again, the "people ox," he "take the bait" of the same old misinformation.
For now, therefore, in Tunisia and Egypt, to my knowledge, it does not appear that there has been something new. Indeed, as in the past: no freedom (horreya), no democracy (dimuqratya), no social justice ('Adala igtimaya), no end to corruption (al-fasad), no end in unemployment (al-Batal).
So, for now, all happy and balls ...
And that, until the day ... the man in the street - both within the always mocked, betrayed and martyred in our Arab world that enslaved and harassed - Europe able to really become aware of his unenviable condition of vulgar and humiliated puppet in the hands of the greatest criminals that history has so far been able to experience. And free, with their forces, both by his treacherous, intralcianti rooted and conditioned reflexes that its long-standing, humiliating and degrading slavery.
So yes, that - in different countries of the opposite sides of the Mediterranean and with no "live" television ... - we certainly an occasion or opportunity to see some good!
Alberto B. Mariantoni Source: Link: 14.02.2011