mercoledì 22 dicembre 2010

Project&Process Management for Scientific Research


Project Initiation Planning

Step 01: Project Objective & Scope Start-up
-Establish Project Objective
-Recruit Project Interest for Project Initiation Stage Manager
-Establish Scope of Investigation and Prepare Project Initiation research
-Brief  the schedulege Team to  Identify Initial Requirements
-Stage Control Procedures to meet-up a  Project circulation knowledge base management
-Review Related Studies and Project start-up to administrative bodies

Step 02: Task Distribution Management
- Identify Training Requirement in meet-down Review Project
-Produce Outline Solution Presentations at the Project Appoach Philosofy/Theory

Step 03: Project estimating Budgeting Procedure
-Estimate Duration and Establish Resource Requierements
-Create Project Schedule apps for Products' milestones
- Document Project &Process Success Criteria

Step 04:Internal Audit Procedure
 -Determine Quality Control Activities
 -Identify Key Personnel  and  Recruit Project Board for internal peer review
-Determine Product Workflow with the Effort of Assestment Team
-Allocate Resources to  Prepare Quality Circle Stages
Project mission specific Procedure

Step 05: Project Organization standardization Procedure
-Recruit  Stage Manager and Project Coordinators
 -Recruit Key Stakeholders, Stage Teams and external Key Resources
- Determine Training Requirements
-Create Project Organization Chart and Project Organization Staff

Step 06:     Project Control Forms
-Set Up Project Administration Application Forms
 -Setup Stage Administration Application Forms

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