mercoledì 1 dicembre 2010

How to empower totally opened platforms like Facebook without Employing Privacy Controls

The social network giant have a new counterpart in the market: but the problem remain the same. The financial users want a multiple slided monitor with podcast independent anonymous access !! Facebook apps podcasting personal modelling is the new challange for reusables of the global web 2.0 .
On  the privacy front, with labelling hits of twittered and followers due to one to one trasaction of data you could have a totally open platform like Facebook having privacy controls in place.

 “Method and system for establishing and maintaining user-controlled anonymous communications”:
A system for establishing anonymous communications includes a plurality of users' party terminals, a plurality of clients' requester terminals, a central controller. The system receives and stores party data about respective parties both of the users and of the client.
Upon receiving criteria for parties of interest from a requestor terminal and authorization from respective parties, the central controller releases to the requester party settled with the parties. The system also establishes communications channels between parties and the requestes, while maintaining their anonymity.

Valter Conti

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